My name is Ana Teresa Galizes, and I am a wedding photographer from Lisbon, Portugal living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Photographing weddings is my favorite thing in the world. Documenting the most important moments in life is exactly what I was born to do, and I love every second of it.

My love for photography evolved out of my study of traditional visual arts, which I spent a lot of time pursuing before college.

While in college, I worked in a photography studio where I learned the business behind the art. My formal education is in journalism and communication. I am a graduate of Peace College and NC State. I believe in communicating through images, and that is what I do to document the special moments in my clients' lives.

I approach each photoshoot individually, so that each one is fresh and unique. No two weddings are exactly alike, and I would not treat them as such. I recognize and celebrate my clients' individuality.

When I'm not doing photography, I like to go on nature walks with my husband and our dog, visit cities and countries where I've never been, and be in the front row at rock concerts.

I would be absolutely delighted to be your photographer, so please send me a message to book your shoot with me by visiting my contact page.