A Wes Anderson Styled Shoot

April 19, 2016  •  1 Comment


Oh, this styled shoot. Where do I even start? It's difficult to put into words how you turn a vision from your mind into reality. Over and over, you'll hear me say, I was only able to do it with an amazing team of creative individuals. It all started when I met with Steph Hollingsworth (Juniper & Lace) and she told me she'd like to do a styled shoot with me. Steph makes beautiful clutches for brides and bridesmaids. She also provided the wedding dress for the shoot. Since I had been on a Wes Anderson kick (because when am I not?), I suggested that we do a Wes Anderson themed styled shoot.

Elle Crook (Elle Crook Photography) came on board as a photographer to shoot along side me. Elle knew that I was trying to plan everything, so she lightened my load. She contacted Troy and Kristin at Doyle's Vineyard and they graciously agreed to let us have our shoot there. We couldn't have chosen a better venue! Ally (Up Your Ally Designs) provided the lovely stationary for our shoot. Allison Nolde (The Green Room) did Susan's hair in this classic milkmaid braid style inspired by the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Devon Drugan was the makeup artist and she also let us borrow her vintage mink stole, which invokes imagery from the film The Royal Tenenbaums. Susan and Jeremy were our models, and they were absolutely perfect!

The week leading up our original shoot date was stressful because the weather forecast kept changing. There was a high possibility of rain, then there wasn't, then there was, then there wasn't. On the day of the shoot, we woke up to grey skies and the forecast called for rain. I was panicking. In my mind, there was no way we'd be able to reschedule because we are about to enter wedding season. But Troy and Kristin are extremely accommodating and kind, and there happened to be a date two weeks later when everyone was available. Magic! I couldn't even believe it, but I refused to let myself get excited until the day of the shoot.

It turned out that our new date was a much, much better option than the first because the wisteria was in bloom, and the vineyard had a ton of it! There was perfect light with not a cloud in sight and the group effort to style this shoot was inspiring and touching. I could not believe my eyes when everything came together, and when I looked at the photos, I was amazed. The vision in my head had come to life at the hands of some extremely talented, likeminded friends. 





















Absolute perfection!
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