Kimmie & David | Wedding

June 24, 2016  •  3 Comments

Kimmie and David's downtown Charlotte wedding was magnificent! What a perfect day! They were married at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church and had their reception at The Westin. When a cloud passed over us during the formal portraits, giving us a little reprieve from shooting in the sun, we got the most gorgeous photos with Charlotte in the background. As they waited for the day to get started, the bridesmaids played Heads Up, which had everyone jumping up and down the getting-ready room. That day, Kimmie carried a handkerchief sewn by her great-grandmother, which was so delicate and precious. This was paired a gorgeous hydrangea bouquet. Also, during the reception, Kimmie and David had a live band perform, and they were absolutely amazing! Their name is Flashback The Party Band, and they are based out of Charlotte. I certainly hope I can see those guys perform again. There was a lot of dancing! Even Kimmie's grandmother stood up from her wheel chair and danced to the live music. Congratulations, Kimmie and David!



Megan Gallagher(non-registered)
These are so fun! Fantastic job as always!
Michele Lazzari(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! It was a beautiful wedding and you captured the day beautifully with your lense.
Love all of them!!
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