Ruby & Kesh | Wedding

June 30, 2016  •  6 Comments

Ruby and Kesh's wedding was like no other! This chic DIY wedding held at The Cotton Room in Durham was so intimate and so special. Ruby is a licensed cosmetologist but she has also attended fashion design school, and she just got a degree in nutrition from UNCG! She's a woman after my own heart, as I myself value life-long learning and education above all else. She made everything from the bouquets to her own wedding dress. Yes, she made her own dress! Ruby and Kesh met in New York, so everyone who attended flew down to North Carolina just for this beautiful occasion. Some of the guests were shy about getting on the dance floor at first, but that was only until the DJ started playing Indian music, and then everyone was dancing, and Kesh's dad taught the younger folks all the moves. I am so happy to have been part of this gorgeous multicultural celebration. Congratulations, Ruby and Kesh! I wish you the best on your next adventure!


Bride & Groom (Ruby & Kesh)(non-registered)
Thank You Ana. You did an amazing job capturing beautiful moments and I can't believe you found the invitation card. :-) I do really love The Cotton Room. Can't wait to see all the pictures!
great intimate wedding, wishing my son Kesh and his bride Ruby a very happy never happiness, love & success in their marriage. I am so very proud of both of them and their accomplishments, the journey has gotten off to an impeccable start.
I love you both. Dad.
mom and dad(non-registered)
Was a very happy and beautiful day for my handsome son and his gorgeous girl. We had a fun time. They both were gorgeous and their day was amazing. Ruby did a great job with everything. Everything was perfect and the food was delicious. Ruby should be a wedding planner. She is tremendously talented. Great wedding. Hugs .
Beautiful wedding R & K. Love all these pictures!!! Amazing job. Thanks Ana!
Absolutely amazing wedding for an amazing couple ❤️ I am happy that I was able to attend ❤️❤️
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